EVFS | 60K-MD-1

Product Specifications

Power Supply V,Hz,Ph 380-415V,50Hz,3Ph
Cooling (T1)
Capacity Btu/h 60000
Input W 6810
Rated Current A 11.5
EER W/W 2.58
Cooling (T3)
Capacity Btu/h 44800
Input W 7020
Rated Current A 11.9
EER W/W 1.87
Capacity Btu/h 63000
Input W 5720
Rated Current A 9.7
COP W/W 3.23
Max. Input Consumption W 8800
Max. Current A 14
Starting Current A 73
Model C-SBX215H38P
Capacity Btu/h 60734
Input W 5350
Rated Current (RLA) A 9.4
Locked rotor Amp (RLA) A 73
Thermal Protector Position
Capacitor uF
Refrigerant Oil / Oil charge ml SAY56T /1700
Refrigerant Type g R22/4000
Design Pressure MPa 3.0/1.0
Refrigerant Piping
Liquid Side/ Gas Side mm(inch) Φ9.52/Φ19(3/8″/3/4″)
Max. Refrigerant Pipe Length m 50
Max. Difference In Level m 30
Connection Wiring 1.5×5+1.0×3
Plug Type 2.5×5 (No Plug)
Thermostat Type Remote Control
Operation Temperature 17-30
Room Temperature
Indoor(Cooling/ Heating) 17-32/0-30
Outdoor(Cooling/ Heating) 18-52/-7-24
Application Area m2 77-113
Indoor Fan Motor
Model YKS-160-8-1
Input W 347
Output W 160
Capacitor uF 9
Speed(Hi/Lo) r/min 615/530
Indoor Coil
Number Of Rows 3
Tube pitch(a)x row pitch(b) mm 21.4×22
Fin Spacing mm 1.5
Fin type (code) Hydrophilic Aluminium
Tube outside dia.and type mm Φ9.52,innergroove tube
Coil length x height x width mm 484x812x66
Number Of Circuits 6
Indoor air flow (Turbo/Hi/Lo) m3/h 2390/2030
Indoor Noise Level (Turbo/Hi/Lo) dB(A) 54/50
Indoor Unit
Dimension(WxDxH) mm 600x455x1934
Packing (WxDxH) mm 2040x745x595
Net Weight Kg 64
Gross Weight Kg 83
Outdoor Fan Motor
Model YKT-90-6-10
Input W 142
Output W 90
Capacitor uF 5
Speed r/min 880
Outdoor Coil
Number Of Rows 2
Tube pitch(a)x row pitch(b) mm 21×13.37
Fin Spacing mm 1.2
Fin type (code) Hydrophilic Aluminium
Tube outside dia.and type mm Ф7,innergroove tube
Coil length x height x width mm 980x1260x26.74
Number Of Circuits 10
Outdoor Noise Level dB(A) 63
Outdoor Unit
Dimension(WxDxH) mm 952x415x1333
Packing (WxDxH) mm 1095x495x1480
Net Weight Kg 116
Gross Weight Kg 128
Container Loading 20′ feet Unit 15
Container Loading 40′ feet Unit 31
Container Loading 40′ feet High Unit 34

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