About Us

Evvoli is a brand built on a unique positioning – the idea of design by evolution, where we can make things better with our vision and the concept of growth by innovation, where we can redefine the future. Evvoli is a brand added to a portfolio of strong brands powered by MASA Trading.

In the world of consumer electronics, we run a different game, one where we are proactive with our innovative approach to reinvent the path of everyday comfort. We talk to the dynamic youth and those youthful at heart who need more than function and look beyond the norm. We strive to offer our range of home appliances that continue to grow with the goal of covering every corner of every home around the world.

For the new generation of free and smart buyers who are seeking a brand that reflects their own individuality and dynamic lifestyle, Evvoli is a Consumer electronics brand that blends Human-Centric technology & Neo-modern designs with excellent value. Our diversified range of electronics and technology products will inspire you to evolve for life.

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Evolve for life.