Product Specifications

Key Features
Color White
Gas Source Natural gas
Multi-safety protect Yes
Special floor heating function Yes
Intelligent preheating Yes
Constant temperature control Yes
Large heating power Yes
Multi mode(Away, Home, Sleep) Yes
Waterproofing grade IPX4D
Insulation grade Grade Ⅰ
Balance Exhaust type Yes
Efficiency 89%
Power Supply
Voltage (V) 220
Frequency (Hz) 50
Rated power (W) 36000
Rated Current (A) 6.11111111111111
Product and Packaging Information
Product Dimension (WxDxH) (mm) 740x420x330
Package Dimension (WxDxH) (mm) 840x503x416
Net wight (Kg) 37
Gross wight (Kg) 41
Shipping Information
Container Loading (20FT/40FT/40HQ) 140/305/366
CBM(m3) 0.17576832
Product Specification
Rated heating input (kW) 36
Minmum heating input (kW) 11.8
Rated heating output (kW) 32.4
Minmum heating output (kW) 10.2
Heating temperature regulation range (℃) 30~80
Floor heating temperature regulation range (℃) 30~60
Applicable water pressure of the heating system (Mpa) 0.04~0.3
Maximum pressure of the heating system (Mpa) 0.3
Capacity of the expansion tank (L) 8
Pre-charge pressure of the expansion tank (Mpa) 0.1
Temperature regulation of the sanitary hot water (℃) 35~60
Maximum pressure of the sanitary hot water (Mpa) 0.8
Minimum pressure of the sanitary hot water (Mpa) 0.02
△t=25K nominal hot water production rate (kg/min) 18.4
△t=30K nominal hot water production rate (kg/min) 15.3
Maximum input electric power (W) 150
Heating water outlet/bacakwater interface (Inch) G3/4
Sanitary hot water/cole water interface (Inch) G1/2
Gas interface (Inch) G3/4
Cold inlet water (Inch) G1/2
Hot outlet water (Inch) G1/2
Flue pipe / Chimney diameter (mm) φ60/φ100

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