EVWM-FBLE | 1015


BLDC (Brushless DC) Inverter Motor, 10 KG, 1500 RPM, Chrome Door Design

Product Specifications

Color White/Silver
Rated Power Supply V 220-240
Rated Frequency Hz 50
Rated Washing Capacity kg 10
Rated Spinning Capacity Kg 10
Rated Power W 1950
Rated Current A 10
Power consumption left-on mode W 1.0
Power consumption off-mode W 0.5
Max. Spin Speed RPM 1500
Standard Water Pressure Mpa 0.05~1
Display Type LED
Door Lock Electromagnetic Lock
Motor BLDC Motor
Power Cord Length mm 1.5 M
Water Inlet Hose Length mm 1.0 M
Water Outlet Hose Length mm 1.6 M
Energy Rating
Energy Efficiency Class A+++ – 30%
Washing Performance Class A
Spin-drying Efficiency Class B
Wash Ratio 1.03
Moisture Ratio 53%
Annual Energy Consumption (AEC) 167 kW·h/annum
Energy Consumption (Cotton 60ºC Full Load) 0.77 kW·h/cycle
Energy Consumption (Cotton 60ºC Partial Load) 0.78 kW·h/cycle
Energy Consumption (Cotton 40ºC Partial Load) 0.65 kW·h/cycle
Weighted Annual Water Consumption (AWC) 12980 L/annum
Water Consumption (Cotton 60ºC Full Load) 60 L/cycle
Water Consumption (Cotton 60ºC Partial Load) 58 L/cycle
Water Consumption (Cotton 40ºC Partial Load) 58 L/cycle
Average Program Time (Cotton 60ºC Full Load) 280 min
Average Program Time (Cotton 60ºC Partial Load) 275 min
Average Program Time (Cotton 40ºC Partial Load) 270 min
Airborne Washing Acoustical Noise Emissions 57 dB
Airborne Spinning Acoustical Noise Emissions 79 dB
Programs 14 Course
Knob Selection:
Cotton ECO Yes
Quick wash 15′ Yes
Delicate Yes
Wool Yes
Rinse & Spin Yes
Spin Only Yes
Drum Clean Yes
Cotton Yes
Synthetic Yes
Mix Yes
Bed linen Yes
Baby Care Yes
Color Care Yes
My Cycle Yes
Button Function:
Delay Yes (24 Hours)
Temp Yes
Spin Yes
Super Steam Yes
Soil Level Less-Standard-Extra
Speed Wash Yes
Extra Rinse Yes
Prewash Yes
Mute-Washing Yes
Memory (Press 3 Seconds) Yes
Child Lock (Combined) Yes
Spin Speed Selection 0/400/600/800/1200/1400/1500
Temperature Selection Cold-20º-30º-40º-60º-90℃
Mechanical Key Specifications
Volume Of Inner Tub L 70.0
Diameter Of Inner Tub mm 510
Door Diameter mm 330
Door Outer Frame Diameter mm 480
Net Dimension (WxDxH) mm 595x565x850
Gross Dimension (WxDxH) mm 680×695×875
Net Weight Kg 72
Gross Weight Kg 76
Container Loading 20 ft 48
Container Loading 40 ft Normal 102
Container Loading 40 ft High 152

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